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The prices below are set by the Public Utilities Commission for a non-consensual tow from a private property for vehicles 10,000 GVWR or less.


  • Hook Fee: $203.90.


  • Milage: $3.80. (P.U.C monthly surcharges may apply.)

  • Daily Storage: $30.00 per day. First storage charge is taken the moment the vehicle enters the storage facility. 

  • After Hours Fee: $66.00. This charge occurs if the vehicle is picked up after normal business hours. After hours pick ups are by appointment only. 

  • Administration Fees: $150.00. This fee occurs after 48 hours of a vehicle being impounded. All vehicle owners and/or lien holders will be notified of the impounded vehicle.


  We accept cash and Visa or Mastercard with a valid state or government issued I.D to match.   

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