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Parking Enforcement

Protect your properties rules and regulations. Using our service provides 24/7  patrolling, with the vehicle owner being charged for their vehicle being towed with no cost to you. 

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Tow Away Signs

Notify people entering your property that unauthorized vehicles will be towed. When a contract is set up for a property Collins Towing installs tow away signs at all entrances, exits and throughout the property.

Violation Tags

Not wanting a vehicle towed immediately? A violation tag may be placed for the amount of time you choose.  

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Parking Permits

Setting up parking permits for your property helps determine who is authorized and who is not, making it easier to spot unauthorized vehicles. 

Parking Enforcement 

At Collins Towing Inc. we provide a property with signs, impound services and patrolling of your property, for free! 


Having us actively patrol your property ensures that unauthorized vehicles will be removed in a timely and efficient manner. A couple of examples of this are:

  • fire lanes get towed immediately avoiding expensive fines and violations. 

  • keeping your property clean by removing broken down/inoperable vehicles. 

  • keeping unauthorized vehicles out of handicap spots ensuring that only handicap permitted vehicles may park there and make sure there is enough parking for your tenants that follow the rules of your property.

If a vehicle is violating a property rule that is not an immediate tow, Collins Towing Inc. will place a “parking violation” tag on the driver door window giving the vehicle owner time to correct the violation before the vehicle is towed. The hours given to fix the violation will be determined in the contract between Collins Towing Inc. and the management company/owner of the property. All violation tags are documented on our software for quick look up. 

Signing a contract with Collins Towing Inc. gives our employees the authorization to tow a vehicle off of your property without you having to be present to sign off on the tow, under Colorado Law. Without a contract signed, as the property owner or owner you would have to be present at the time of tow to authorize the tow. No matter what type of parking problems that take place on your property, Collins Towing Inc is here to help. If you are interested in signing a contract with Collins Towing Inc., please contact us today. 


We offer a parking permit system to ensure that only residents of your property may be able to park within your property. Need help setting up a parking permit plan for your property?


Give us a call. 

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